In Indonesia the man with the sword attacked the parishioners of the Church


В Индонезии мужчина с мечом напал на прихожан церквиAt the moment, the motives of the assailant is unknown.

The attacker stormed the Church during Sunday services and lashed out at the priest, wounding him in the head. He also wounded two parishioners. In addition, injured a policeman who tried to engage him in negotiations.

Noted that on arrival, the police opened fire on the attacker.

“We took him to the hospital because of security reasons. It hurt our employees,” said a police spokesman.

At the moment, the motives of the assailant is unknown.

We will remind, recently in Hanover at the airport was a mass brawl between Kurds and Turks. Employees of the air port to separate the fighters. Seriously nobody has suffered.

Also, the German police failed to prevent a terrorist attack in the city of Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Earlier we wrote about how the Belgian city of Ghent 28-year-old refugee from Afghanistan attacked police officers. The young man ran into the building with a knife and attacked the police.


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