In Indonesia have found the oldest picture of an animal


В Индонезии нашли древнейшее изображение животногоThe find was made in a remote cave.

In Indonesia on the island of Borneo scientists have discovered a cave drawing of a bull, which, presumably, is the oldest image of the animal subject.

Report on the study published in the journal Nature, and briefly about it tells The find was made in a remote cave, located in a remote area. To reach it, the expedition had with machetes to cut through dense jungle.

On the wall of the cave, scientists have discovered the image of red bull, the age of which is about 40 thousand years. This makes him the oldest figure of the animal.

Still those were considered images of animals in the Spanish cave of El Castillo, created about 35.6 thousand years ago.

By the way, the age of the red bull is comparable to the age of the famous rock paintings of handprints found on the neighbouring Indonesian island of Sulawesi.


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