In India mass killing children


В Индии массово погибли детиThe cause of death of at least 10 children became encephalitis.

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh due to problems with encephalitis and delayed delivery to the hospital from August 9 died, 30 children. This was announced by the official of the health Department of the state.

Chief medical superintendent Dr. R. S. Shukla also confirmed his words, thereby refuting the information of one of the local officials, who told the media that the death of children was caused by lack of oxygen due to unpaid hospital equipment supplies for this.

Age of the dead children – from several months to 12 years.

Shukla said that the cause of death of at least 10 children became encephalitis – a disease that causes inflammation of the brain.

The rest of the children, he said, died because of “late delivery in the hospital and related matters”.
Officials in Uttar Pradesh are investigating the case, said the official.


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