In India arrested fans PUBG Mobile


В Индии арестовывают поклонников игры в PUBG MobileThis game is highly addictive.

In the Indian city of Rajkot has recently banned mobile PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, which gamers can be arrested right on the street

The Rajkot police have arrested at least 10 people from the moment of entry into force of the ban on PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds on 6 March. “Our team caught these guys red-handed”.

“They were taken into custody after they played PUBG,” said the investigator special operations group Rajkot Rohit Raval of three young men, who were caught with the mobile version of the battle Royal.

This game is highly addictive, and the defendants were so passionate about the game, I didn’t even notice the approach of our team,– the investigator of the operational group.

Other cities of the Indian state of Gujarat also joined the ban PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, which is expected to last until March 30. Any person caught playing the popular “Royal battle” is subject to prosecution in accordance with article 118 of the Indian Penal code: “Disobedience to order issued by state officers on the lawful bases”.

Although it is unlikely that someone will be sent to prison just for playing in Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown’s can potentially punish those who refuse to stop playing.

Portal Eurogamer asked the developers PUBG Mobile to comment on the bans and arrests. Employee game Studio commented:

To promote healthy and balanced gaming environment, we develop many new features and improvements. They will allow us to provide an environment where players can enjoy Mobile PUBG in a responsible manner. We are honored to have a passionate community of players PUBG Mobile in India and worldwide, and we will continue to take their feedback to make PUBG Mobile best game!


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