In hospitals in Turkey have got 73 people with suspected anthrax


В больницы Турции попало 73 человека с подозрением на сибирскую язву One woman has already died, the exact diagnosis to be confirmed.

In Turkey, 73 people were taken to hospital with suspected anthrax, one woman died.

Last week one of the cows in the province of Trabzon found anthrax.

Despite this, the owners of the cows slaughtered it and distributed the meat to neighbours. After a while those who ate meat, I felt nausea and weakness, they have a fever. 39-year-old woman died in hospital.

Anthrax causes severe lesions on the skin. It is an acute infectious disease related to zoonoses, that is, infection occurs through animals. Anthrax can occur in the form of pulmonary or intestinal forms.


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