In Hong Kong promised to fulfill the main demand of the protesters


The extradition bill will be withdrawn.

The Hong Kong government “officially withdraw” the draft law on extradition, which caused mass protests of the population. This was stated by the head of the local administration Carrie Lam on Wednesday video message, reports the with reference for Today.

Earlier, Lam said only the suspension of the unpopular promotion of the bill, calling it “dead” that did not satisfy the demonstrators. They demanded complete and utter technical procedures of withdrawal of the document from Legislative Council where he has been on the agenda in June. This will be an important step towards the settlement of acute internal political crisis in this special administrative region of China.

However, Lam voted against the convening of a separate independent Commission to investigate police actions during the riots, which also require demonstrators. She expressed the opinion that it is sufficient to use the existing mechanism of the Independent Board for complaints against police officers (IPCC).

The head of the administration also stated that it was unacceptable to the protesters ‘ demands about granting of Amnesty of the detained participants of the riots without a trial.

Three months ago in Hong Kong, mass protests broke out against the initiated by the local authorities of the bill, which aims to establish the mechanism of delivery from Hong Kong to mainland China for the prosecution of persons suspected of violating laws of China or under investigation. Under public pressure, the Lamas removed the bill from the agenda, but that hasn’t stopped a wave of anti-government protests in which participants began to make up to five demands.


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