In Germany you can fly in an unusual “transport”


В Германии можно полетать на необычном "транспорте"It turns out that the transport can be conventional bath.

Getting to know a country through its inhabitants. The Germans sometimes break stereotypes. In Germany the two brothers-inventor came up with an unusual vehicle — equipped with a acrylic tank with propellers. To fly in the bathroom — is their eccentricity.

While the maximum flying ceiling of the bathroom is 30 meters. To raise it in the air, brothers, Mickenbecker took six propellers and control akin to that control drones. Akrilovyj “airplane” designed for only one person. One of the brothers drove in the bathroom for sandwiches at a nearby shop.

Brothers Mickenbecker are generally considered in Germany a great expert on bathrooms. Before flying they were doing floating bathroom which was down the hill right into the water and then floated on the water.


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