In Germany faced 17 auto: dozens of victims


В Германии столкнулись 17 авто: десятки пострадавшихThe accident occurred on the autobahn.

On the autobahn in the German state of Bavaria on Tuesday there was a massive car collision, which injured 18 people.

“On Tuesday morning on the motorway A73 in the area of Breitengussbach (district Bamberg) three times there was a mass accident in which there were participants in 17 vehicles, 18 people were injured”, – stated in the message.

Three of the injured were seriously injured, said police. Property damage from these accidents is estimated at over 150 thousand Euros.

The accident occurred on the stretch of 300 metres around 7.30 am. We are talking about three incidents that occurred with a short period of time.

Traffic police had to block traffic on a busy highway at rush hour by as much as 4:00. This led to delays of up to 7 km in length.

Tuesday road service ADAC released data that say that 2017 was a record for traffic in terms of number, length and time of stay in them. In the past year, there were 723 000 traffic jams, drivers spent a total of 457 thousand Hours. The total length of the tubes reached half a million km.


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