In Germany, an abandoned mine turned into a luxury resort


В Германии заброшенные шахты превратили в роскошный курортThis summer the city Grossrosen in East Germany ready to celebrate the opening of the new lake.

The government has created dozens of artificial lakes by flooding old mine shafts.

Billions of euros were invested in the project to create Europe’s largest artificial lake district.

The aim of the builders was to turn Lusatia – a former industrial region into a new tourist destination.

An official from the state company LMBV, responsible for the development of 26 lakes, connected by channels 13 and hundreds of kilometers of Bicycle paths, calls it “the biggest landscape reconstruction in Europe.”

According to officials, tourism cannot recreate all the jobs that were here during the mining industry, but lakes can help revive a region that was economically and environmentally damaged by mining.


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