In Germany allowed games with Nazi symbols


В Германии разрешили игры с нацистской символикой The penal code of Germany prohibits a public symbol of Nazi power

In Germany allowed to sell computer and video games, in which there are Nazi symbols.

Organization dedicated to the regulation of entertainment software Germany (USK), reported that computer games in which there are forbidden characters, can now receive an age rating, if use of symbols is recognized, a “socially adequate”. This means that the image of these characters is artistic or scientific purpose or is intended to recreate specific events in history.

Last year, the debate in Germany and throughout the world has caused the ban of Nazi symbols in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, in which the unfolding events in an alternate universe where the Nazis won the Second world war. That game could be sold in Germany all swastikas were replaced by triangular symbols, and Adolf Hitler was deprived of his mustache.

The penal code of Germany prohibits a public symbol of Nazi power: swastikas, Celtic crosses, Nazi salutes. The punishment can include both a fine and imprisonment. The ban does not apply to films that are considered as works of art. “For many years this attitude to movies and now applies to computer and video games”, – said the Director of the USK Elizabeth Secker.


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