In Germany a man with a knife attacked the visitors of the bakery


В Германии мужчина с ножом напал на посетителей булочнойThe assailant was shot by police.

The man attacked the visitors of the bakery in Fulda in the Federal state of Hesse in Central Germany, the assailant was shot. This was reported by the police of the region of Eastern Hesse.

The attack took place early Friday morning, April 13, around 4:20 local time, on Flemmingstrasse.

“Bully attacked the bakery. Several people were injured, some seriously,” police said.

On police patrols that arrived on the scene, was attacked with stones and, probably, a club, said police.

“The police used firearms, the assailant was fatally wounded”, – noted in police.

In the area has limited traffic. The Department of criminal police of Hessen began a joint with the Prosecutor Fulda investigation.


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