In Georgia from thrown rotten eggs have hatched thousands of Chicks


В Грузии из выброшенных протухших яиц вылупились тысячи цыплят The invasion of birds were observed at the local landfill, which threw the eggs.

In life only wonders or there. Sometimes they border upon something unseen, the mystical and inexplicable, and sometimes ridiculously simple and, nevertheless, we perceive this as a miracle.

It is a funny miracle happened in the dump of the Georgian town of Marneuli, which is located in the Eastern part of the country. Local poultry thrown in here expired eggs – and that’s what happened (watch the video).

Hundreds of little yellow lumps of living – touching the Chicks hatched in the end this “barbaric action”. Currently, most of the chickens that found its way to residential areas of the city, where they were picked up by local residents private sector gift in the form of future hens and cockerels, and absolutely free (a gift).

Here is what it says about the mayor Timur Abazov:

Dump the eggs thrown by reason of the fact that they were spoiled, as far as I know, so is unsuitable for delivery in a trading network. It is a generally accepted practice worldwide. But to be thrown into the dustbin of eggs hatched is really a phenomenal event. Apparently the dump was necessary thermal conditions commensurate with the incubator. Currently, the locals dismantled all the chickens on their farms – and rightly so.

Georgian journalists wonder whether it was more correct instead of having to dump expired eggs, do send them in the incubator? Because in this way would have saved the food and saved the human labor invested in the production of these eggs (nature took care of that herself, and maybe she hinted).

In the end, wouldn’t it be smarter to just give eggs to the villagers – for the same purpose. Of course, to dispose of and write off a lot easier, but economic is this approach overall?..


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