In France, the unknown with axes robbed a hotel on more than 4 million euros


Во Франции неизвестные с топорами ограбили отель на более 4 миллионов евроThe robbers stole expensive jewelry.

Unknown broke the window and stole expensive jewelry In France five people on Wednesday evening, January 10, robbed the shop window of the famous Paris Ritz in the amount of more than 4 million euros.

According to the radio station, the incident occurred around 18:30 local time, when five men, “some of whom were armed with axes”, broke into the hotel. It is reported that an unknown person broke the window and stole expensive jewelry. Provided that the total value Gradenigo exceed 4 million euros.

During the police operation were arrested three robbers, two went into hiding. Noted that as a result of attack nobody suffered.


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