In France, the President is criticized for buying too expensive the service


Во Франции президента критикуют за покупку слишком дорогого сервизаThe presidential couple France was at the center of a scandal due to the fact that the Elysee Palace spent a fortune on a new dining set, complaining of the disastrous budget of the country.

According to the state, a set of 1200 items selected by the first lady Brigitte macron, is EUR 50 000 (59 000$).

But the host of the satirical magazine argues that the real cost is close to 500 000 euros.

The claim arose when there was a video with the President of Emmanuel Macron, the President speaks of “collecting cash”.

Some of the Cutlery at the Elysee Palace used since the days of Jacques Chirac, who was President more than a decade ago, and some even since the time of Rene Coty, i.e., from 1950-ies.


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