In France, the bus got in an accident with a coup: many of the victims


The bus hit a guardrail and overturned.

In France, in the accident hit the bus company Flixbus, which was flying from Paris to London.

The incident occurred at about 11.50 a.m. near the municipality of estre-Delecour in the Somme Department.

The bus flew off the road due to wet pavement, hit a guardrail and overturned. Were mobilized substantial forces to the relief.

Passengers with French, Russian, Spanish and Irish citizenship, was evacuated.

A recent report by the emergency services, published at 14.00 local time, reported a 29 lightly wounded who were sent to hospital and PĂ©ronne, Montdidier, and about four injured, taken to University hospital of Amiens in a serious condition.

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At the time of accident the bus was carrying 33 people, including the driver.

The track where the accident occurred, was temporarily blocked.


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