In France said there was evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria


Во Франции заявили о наличии доказательств использования химического оружия в СирииNow in France insist that the Assad regime was responsible for the attack.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that the regime of Bashar Assad responsible for the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Eastern ghouta.

Macron said on Thursday that he has “evidence” that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons. Macron have also Nosirova your response to the situation in the region of Huta in the near future.

“We have evidence that last week used a chemical weapon, in particular chlorine, and that it was used by the regime of Bashar al-Assad,” said macron.

He added that daily contact with the President of the United States Donald trump and that they “will make a decision in the near future, when they consider it the most useful and effective.”

The French leader also said the chemical attack in Syria a “red line” and added that one of his objectives in Syria is “to take away the regime’s use of chemical weapons”. Simultaneously macron reiterated that it wants to avoid “escalation”.


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