In France a homeless person stole 300 thousand euros due to error collectors


Во Франции бомж украл 300 тысяч евро из-за ошибки инкассаторовA homeless man stumbled upon the open door of the office of collector of the company.

A few days ago in one of the vaults located at the airport, the alarm went off. At the scene police found the door open, but prying wasn’t inside.

After checking the records from surveillance cameras revealed that the alarm system worked after penetration into the room of the homeless. He went through standing near the entrance of the trash and leaned against the front door, which opened easily.

Tramp penetrated into the vault and quickly left it, having escaped in an unknown direction with two bags of money.

Police interviewed other homeless people who foraged in the vicinity of the airport, but, according to them, the suspect is in their community no longer appeared. “I’m not sure that now he needs to dig in garbage cans,” joked one of the investigators.

The punishment against negligent employees cash-in-transit company not reported.


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