In Finland lit a candle factory


В Финляндии загорелся свечной заводVictims and victims as a result of the fire there.

In Salo, in southern Finland was a fire at a candle factory, due to the spread of toxic smoke, the evacuation of residents

In a factory for the production of candles burning 200 tons of wax on the area of 10,000 square meters. To extinguish the fire involved 30 fire brigades.

“We are trying to prevent the spread of fire towards the store. It is, of course, is full because Christmas is coming. To extinguish a wax you can use water. The only way to suppress fire. It’s not really suited to such a territory”, – said the representative of the firefighters Mika Kontio.

Victims and victims as a result of the fire there. Residents of nearby houses were evacuated, and those who live far from factory, it is recommended not to go outside.


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