In Finland appears an island where they will rest only women


В Финляндии появится остров, где будут отдыхать только женщиныOff the coast of Finland created a dedicated hotel on the island – especially for guests women.

The project entitled “SuperShe” will be available for the men, and rooms can be booked now, although the hotel officially opens only in summer.

The owner of the resort Christina Roth (Roth Kristina) decided to open a similar institution, as tired “from too much testosterone around.” They said that her hotel will love men, but women will find there a real rest.

She opened a school near the island, which belongs to the parents of her boyfriend. She bought another piece of land in the archipelago – after the visit she was amazed by the beauty. Roth has collected the money and bought an island and decided to make it a Paradise for women.

“We can’t relax in the presence of men. We can see it on the beaches. Only man appears on the horizon, and women immediately start to preen. I would like to just be myself,” says Christina Roth.


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