In FIFA 18 found violations


В игре FIFA 18 нашли нарушенияIn Belgium started an investigation against the developers of the game.

The Belgian Prosecutor’s office initiated a criminal investigation against Electronic Arts for luchboxes in the game FIFA 18.

Brussels prosecutors are sure that Electronic Arts violates the laws against gambling.

The gambling Commission in Belgium is considered four games – Star Wars Battlefront II, Shadowrun, FIFA 18, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive – at the beginning of this year and determined that FIFA 18 (and two others) contained letbox (box manufacturing) that contradicted the rules about gambling in the country.

After that, the Valve (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and Blizzard (Overwatch) removed luchbox of their games in this country. But EA is not actively cooperating with the authorities and maintains its randomized card packs in the game.

Electronic Arts believes that this violates the existing laws against gambling, because, according to the developers of the game, the box with the production are not games of chance.

“We do not believe that FIFA Ultimate Team or luchbox involve gambling, because players always get a certain number of items in each package, and secondly, we do not provide or allow any way to cash out or sell items or virtual currency for real money,” – commented the representatives of Electronic Arts.

In April 2017, the Belgian authorities have determined that the game luchbox violate the country’s laws about gambling. Luchbox bought without prior knowledge of their content and provide an advantage in the game. Developers EA threatening fines of up to 800 thousand Euro and even imprisonment up to five years. In the engagement of children, the penalty and the amount of fines could double.


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