In Facebook found a serious vulnerability


В Facebook обнаружили серьезную уязвимостьIn Facebook is stored unencrypted millions of passwords

Employees Facebook could have access to passwords from accounts of tens of millions of users of the social network. These data were stored on internal company servers in unencrypted form.

However, the company to this day “found no evidence” that its employees maliciously took advantage of a vulnerability discovered during the test in January 2019 and subsequently eliminated.

“Nobody outside of Facebook did not have access to these passwords”, − said the representatives of the social network.

According to them, information security remains a priority for the company. As a precautionary measure, Facebook will notify all users (including tens of thousands of owners of pages in Instagram), whose passwords have been compromised.

In the beginning of 2018 became aware of the largest in the history of the Facebook leak personal user data. Cambridge Analytica illegally collected data 87 million users of the social network and transmit them to third parties, including, presumably, the campaign headquarters the current President of the United States Donald trump, who in turn used them for political advertising.

In April and may of 2018 Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg in the U.S. Congress and the European Parliament admitted a mistake and apologized for the data breach.

In September 2018, the social network was attacked by hackers. Assessment Facebook, it has affected nearly 29 million users.

During the attack, cybercriminals used the flaw in the security system of the social network that allows you to see your page on behalf of other users. According to Vice-President guy Rosen, Facebook has eliminated the vulnerability.


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