In Europe will prohibit paper money


Thumb notes to jingle in the Old world becomes the rule of bad taste. Europeans increasingly prefer to use Bank cards and mobile apps for payment of goods and services. Individual countries are going to refuse “Kesha” and go solely on electronic methods of calculation. So, for example, Sweden, where more than 350 years ago and the first paper money, said that after 5 years I get rid of this atavism. On turn Denmark and the Netherlands. About the advantages and disadvantages of the transition to electronic payments “MK” told the head of the Department of Finance, money circulation and credit faculty of Finance and banking, Ranepa Alexander Khandruev.

В Европе запретят бумажные деньги

– If you want to save paper money or is it archaic and a relic that should get rid of?

The transition to electronic billing options is definitely a positive step and a necessary one. So countries like Sweden that have become the flagships of this process in the future will have some advantage over others.

Electronic means of payment is the future of money turnover around the world. In many countries people may not carry cash and do in fact not lose. Moreover, it is able to pay off not only credit card but also mobile applications of their cell, and even an ordinary wristwatch. By the way, the model does not have to be expensive. Such functions may include even a cheap line of timepieces.

Fact is, convenience is available? No flaws with the methods of electronic calculation does not contain?

– It is not. We must not forget about the risks and dangers associated with electronic calculation. I am talking about cybercrime. A lot of them. Here you stole the purse. First of all you have lost a certain amount that was there. Blocking your Bank cards, you eliminate the possibility of theft and other means.

If the offender breaks codes and passwords to your deposits, then it costs nothing to hold you to the last penny.

The second possible drawback is technical failures of payment systems. No one is immune. Even MasterKard they sometimes happen. Then, even if there are funds in the account, you may experience serious inconvenience. For example, will not be able to pay for the plane ticket and not be able to fly on holiday, business trip and so on.

The third problem is purely psychological. Coming into the store with cash, you have some idea of their capabilities, that is, how much you are able to spend. If paid by card, the control may be lost. There is a probability that you will spend a lot more money than expected. Learned about it a few days later, you will be disappointed. This is one drawback of electronic payments.

But Sweden and other European countries are still ready to abandon paper money. So they are not afraid of all the above.

– Sweden ranked first in the EU according to the number of card payments per inhabitant per year. It is followed by Denmark, Finland and the UK. Slightly less than that of Germany and Italy. This is the data of the European Central Bank. These countries are the first to say goodbye to notes and coins.

However, in these States, first, to operate high-tech payment system, the mechanisms of which is honed and very rarely malfunctions. Second, the population of these States has a very high level of financial literacy, so the news about the transition to electronic payment options goods and services does not frighten them, they are well versed in this.

But the population of Europe almost every day updated with the thousands of migrants who do not have access to such tools.

Migrants also may be time to connect to the electronic payment system to identify their personality and give a card on which they will be able to carry out calculations.

– Not worth to wait in this case, the growth of fraud?

– Every more modern and a more sophisticated system not only brings convenience and makes life easier for the consumer. She is more vulnerable. But the payment system every year usovershenstvuetsya. Illegal and illicit access to foreign savings is complicated, and the savings turn into the mystery behind seven seals. People are changing habits and instincts. Cash payments evolyutsioniruet and it will not stop. Fraud must be combated, and to join in this fight are consumers monitor and track their calculations more closely relate to the “my account” on each site and so on. It is obvious that the process of evolution in this is maybe not a decade, but it is inevitable.

That is, in time, paper money does not remain?

– I don’t think, for example, European governments will lead the work on their elimination to the point of absurdity. Banknotes and coins will be in the pockets of ordinary people, but their share of the total amount of circulating funds will be reduced to 1-2%.

– And in Russia when to expect the abolition of cash?

– Not soon. But it’s not far off. We have now the lion’s share of the population receives wages on the cards and calculated them in stores. The main thing, as I said, to have a stable and protected against outages and cyber-attacks payment system and to inculcate a high level of financial literacy.


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