In Europe will build a thousand vertical farm for two years


В Европе построят тысячу вертикальных ферм за два года About these ambitious plans, said the startup from Germany.

In the next two years, the German startup Infarm tools in the EU network of modular vertical farms for growing leafy vegetables. The company has already opened more than 50 farms in Berlin, including major retail chains, Metro and Edeka. European expansion Infarm has managed to attract $25 million.

By the end of 2019, more than 1,000 modular vertical farm Infarm will be opened on the territory of the European Union. While the company owns only 50 points in Berlin, but in December 2018 mini-farm will appear in other German cities and in Paris, London, Copenhagen.

Due to the modular design of the farm can be set in the kitchens of restaurants, canteens, sales rooms and even in small shops. The beds are placed on special pallets one above the other. Farm use the principle of hydroponics so plants don’t need soil – all essential nutrients they get from the nutrient solution. Sunlight replace LEDs.

Infarm technology allows you to grow herbs, greens and veggies and fruit. While a range of startups is limited to 200 varieties of greens. In the coming years the company plans to grow mushrooms, chili and tomatoes.

Infarm manages the farms remotely. Information about the state of the crop coming in a cloud system, employees can distance to control the lighting and other factors.


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