In Europe have discovered the ruins of the ancient city


The discovery was made by Spanish and American archaeologists.

In the process of geomagnetic research, the archaeologists from the United States and Spain, built in the ruins of the capital of the state westgrove Rockopolis. The town is situated near Madrid and is based in the dark ages of European history, according to the with reference to Accents.

The researchers examined all the buildings and streets discovered the ruins and came to the conclusion that the 1400-year-old city was more significant than originally anticipated.

Rockopolis examined for several decades, but this time openly only 8% of the city. In 2014, the year was discovered only ruins of the shops, chapel and mansion. But studies have shown that the whole area of the city is built up with buildings. In addition, the territory’s main gate was located in the suburbs.

It was also discovered a large building resembling a mosque in the middle East, but to confirm whether it’s a mosque actually succeed after some time, only through further excavations.


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