In Europe from palm oil, make fuel, and the Russians are forced to have


В Европе из пальмового масла делают топливо, а россиян заставляют есть

Who in government is profiting from poisonous TRANS fats

The fight that the whole civilized world is waging against the “harmful” fats, bypassed Russia party. Who promises in five years to achieve complete failure of the food industry from hydrogenated TRANS fats — margarine and confectionery fat. Britain and Iceland are prepared to ban the import of palm oil purchases which in Russia are growing rapidly.

The good, the bad and palm

For the first quarter of this year in Russia rapidly increased the import of palm oil. According to Rosstat, only for three months, the country has imported nearly 270 thousand tons of this product is 36% more than last year. According to forecasts, by 2018, the import of palm oil (in all its varieties) will exceed one million tonnes (given that its production in tropical countries is expected to reach 80 million tons).

It turns out that each Russian, including babies, accounts for about seven kilograms of palm oil per year. Of course, there are the products where palm oil can’t do is the cosmetics and cleaning products. But, say, in the EU almost half of palm oil imported mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia, is used as a biofuel (since 2009, its blending with petrol became obligatory).

Although it is unlikely that the dramatic import of palm oil to Russia is associated with “cosmetic” or “fuel” boom. Palm oil is present in half of the food you see on supermarket shelves-from chocolate and ice cream to instant noodles.

It is also the main ingredient for the production of food substitutes, they substitute milk fat, making fake cheeses and cottage cheese. According to the former Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev, cheap substitutes for milk fat only last year, was not allowed to buy Russian agricultural producers 1.5 million tons of raw milk.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly tried to fight the domination of palm oil. For example, the Ministry of agriculture under the leadership of another Alexander Tkachev demanded to ban the use of vegetable fats in the production of all dairy products. Tkachev has proposed to introduce import quotas on palm and other vegetable oils. But, unfortunately, both initiatives of the Ministry of agriculture were not. Too much “palm” lobby in Parliament and government.

Fat kills half a million people a year

Harm palm oil is widely known — it is, in particular, leads to a rapid accumulation of “bad” cholesterol in the body. And in the end a whole bunch of cardiovascular diseases. But even with this natural palm oil is more “useful” substitute other muck, which is used in food production.

It is about TRANS fats. In small amounts they are present in milk, meat, naturally, no harm to body without causing. TRANS fats are also formed in the refining of vegetable oil. And there is TRANS fats, which are produced at the factories is margarine, solid frying oil, pastry fat (shortening) and other “chemistry”. No benefit, only the absolute injury!

And if palm oil is considered cheap substitute of, say, milk fat, then TRANS fats are even cheaper. Developed countries have long abandon this shit, realizing how high the true price of “economy”: according to who estimates, because of the “fat” epidemic in the world annually ends half a million lives.

Consumption of TRANS fats increases the risk of heart disease by 21% and premature death by 28%. Also fans of margarine and confectionery fat may get diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

In rich countries today TRANS fats are moved to poor, developing ones. So, more recently, the high level of consumption of TRANS fats were… in Iran. The authorities began to sound the alarm, requiring a gradual reduction of the number of TRANS fats in palm and corn oil — and now their concentration does not exceed 1%. This is considered an acceptable level for the health of citizens.

After Iran began to tighten the requirements for oil industry other countries in the Middle East, Mexico and South Africa. In some countries the use of solid TRANS fats in the food industry generally prohibited: the first ban was introduced by Denmark in 2004, but, for example, USA in 2015.

Who puts before itself more ambitious goal by 2023, to save the planet from artificial TRANS fats.

Russia sterilize “fat kings”

How the impact of initiatives to limit consumption of palm oil and “hard” TRANS fats in the Russian food industry? This “Free press” talked to our resident expert, Professor Vladimir Edeleman, first Deputy Director of the Center for Biomed (Centre of applied medicine and food safety), Moscow state University.

— Palm oil, the developed countries consume for the production of diesel fuel, automotive lubricants, Soaps. But in Russia palm oil and not food, and technical quality — it! The Russians have overtaken the number of consumed palm oil even Chinese.

Talking about how to clearly separate the palm oil for edible and technical, has been ongoing for more than a decade. But he is hindered by those who want to earn extra money that doesn’t clear the palm oil, which in other countries used only for technical purposes.

In the beginning of the XXI century, it became known that in low-quality, technical palm oil in huge quantities contain glycidyl esters and 3-MCPD. They are recognized as carcinogens and mutagens.

Like any fatty component, 3-MCPD easily penetrates into cells through the blood-brain barrier, in such internal organs as the liver and pancreas. As well as through the barrier of our germ cells, damaging the sperm of men and leading to their infertility.

In recent years, we began to introduce severe restrictions in the EU and in the US on the content of these substances in the palm and other refined oils. In Russia such restrictions are not introduced. Therefore, it is possible, is one of the factors that we have in Russia such a huge number of infertile couples!


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