In Europe, found a giant thorns


На Европе найдены гигантские шипы   Spikes can reach a height of 15 metres.

Scientists from Britain and the United States have found evidence of giant ice spikes that cover the surface of Europa, a moon of Jupiter.

As the portal the authors warn that future space missions about the danger that could await them on the surface of Europa.

In their study, they prove the existence on Jupiter of a “forest” of Kolhapur – sharp ice and snow formations resembling spikes. A similar phenomenon is true for the Earth. In particular, they are found in the highlands.

Scientists have created a computer model and determined that in the climatic conditions of Europe, the spikes can reach a height of 15 metres. It will be a serious obstacle to landing spacecraft. The authors believe that the ice needles are drawn around the equator.

Equatorial areas of Europe have weak gravity and low temperature, which drops to minus 200 degrees Celsius. It stimulates the growth of Kolhapur.

However, pictures of these objects to detect is not possible. Scientists explain this for shooting small size of spines, and the reflection from them of the radio signal.

They refer to the data of the Galileo probe, which recorded unexpectedly low temperatures on the surface of Europa at night. Presumably, values have been distorted is Calasparra which cover the surface.

All the work published in the journal Nature Geoscience.


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