In Europe due to heavy snowfall killed 12 people


В Европе из-за сильных снегопадов погибли 12 человекIn Norway looking for skiers trapped in an avalanche.

In Europe due to heavy snowfall and bad weather in the last week 12 people were killed and hundreds were caught in the ice trap in the Alpine regions. On Tuesday, January 8, the Associated Press reports.

In particular, in Norway, still looking for the bodies of four skiers who last week came under an avalanche. A woman from Sweden and three Finns consider it dead, but the rescuers could not find their bodies because of the deteriorating weather.

Also, several people were killed by avalanches in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The authorities have warned that more snow increases the already high risk of new avalanches.

In turn, the Greek schools in Athens and many surrounding areas remained closed after the snowfall has covered the capital and the temperature in some areas of the Mediterranean has considerably decreased.

In addition, in Austria, hundreds of residents stuck in their homes due to blocked roads, and in some regions there is no electricity due to fallen trees, which damaged power lines. Schools in some Austrian regions are closed for a second day.

Besides, heavy snow and wind covered on Tuesday, the Central Scandinavia. The snowfall also disrupted traffic on most of the territory of Slovakia, in the international Bratislava airport canceled most flights.

In southern and Eastern Germany are expected to be new snowfall, and in the North even predict stormy weather.


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