In Europe began to consider the division of Ukraine


В Европе начали рассматривать вариант раздела Украины

Each of the peacekeeping contingents take control of their part of the former Ukraine.

In the framework of the European Commission held its first closed from the public meeting of the recently established informal working group composed of representatives of the EU countries with the assistance of intelligence officers and ministries of defence on the future structure of Ukraine.

The working group was created to develop a medium-term strategy (2-3 years) of the European Union concerning the future device of Ukraine. The reason for this approach was the fact that Russia and the US are behind the scenes negotiations on Ukraine at the level of Surkov-Walker and actually removed the EU from the solution of the Ukrainian problem, and the format of “Minsk-2” to decision-making for the Moscow-Washington frozen.

It is also the basis for the consideration of this question are the following circumstances.

First, the understanding of the impossibility to maintain a unitary Ukraine with the old Constitution in the borders, which she got after the collapse of the USSR.

Second, the impossibility of the return of the Donbass in the political decision-making mechanism of Kiev.

Thirdly, the readiness of Warsaw, after the law on the suppression of the Bandera ideology and to take other measures to combat the followers of the ideology of the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia), including, start to legalize the concept of “Eastern Małopolska”.

Fourth, the concentration of Hungary the necessary forces and means on the border with Ukraine to score for the entire territory of Transcarpathia under control at the first opportunity. In addition, the policy analysis Budapest suggests that public opinion of the country already prepared to return to this Eastern region.

As one of the key scenarios of development of events at the meeting of the working group discussed the scenario of the beginning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine as a result of corruption of the authorities and their inability to cope with the functions of government. It is recognized that in this case, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine is valid the introduction of the peacekeeping contingent. However, this requires the determination of the zones of demarcation of their activities. This issue will be discussed at subsequent meetings.



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