In England published a list of homes Abramovich and Shuvalov, is subject to confiscation


В Англии опубликован список домов Абрамовича и Шувалова, подлежащих конфискации

The British newspaper the Guardian has published the location and cost of the largest apartments, houses and mansions of the Russian oligarchs in London. In the case of the adoption of the English version of the Magnitsky act may be confiscated by the UK government. According to the newspaper, the whole property was purchased with money that has a corrupt origin.


Russian officials and oligarchs have to disclose their property assets in the UK, according to the newspaper. New estimates of British experts, shows that in total they own British real estate value of almost 1.1 billion pounds. She is mostly in London and its true cost is likely to be much greater, since now buyers can hide the real cost.

Among published in the newspaper real estate owners have the oligarchs, and the actions of officials of Russia. According to the publication the estate of billionaire Roman Abramovichis worth 90 million pounds, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov – 11 million pounds, billionaire Andrey Guriev351 million pounds. In the present situation the whole property is under threat of confiscation.Now even the opposition British politicians insist that if the Russians will not be able to explain where he took the money, then the UK government must apply stringent measures.


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