In England began to produce the updated Nissan Leaf


В Англии начали выпускать обновленный Nissan Leaf  European motorists will soon be able to get the updated modification of the electric car Nissan Leaf, which the Japanese automaker will be releasing on the site in Sunderland, England.

According to available information for implementation of the project according to the issue discussed in the box, was organized about 2,000 jobs. And investment in the project amounted to about 48 million U.S. dollars.

According to representatives of the automotive company Nissan, the new model will be available for purchase in February next year.

For the power part of the novelty is equipped with a powerful motor of 150 HP power the motor gets from the battery, the total capacity of 40 kWh On a full charge autonomica will be about 378 kilometers.

Full battery charging is made within 6-8 hours. If you charge the battery in fast mode, up to 80% of capacity we need to charge for 40 minutes. By the middle of 2018, it is expected the emergence of a new configuration with a battery of 60 kWh.


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