In Egypt found an ancient record of the alphabet


В Египте найдена древнейшая запись алфавита Scientists have discovered a mnemonic phrase for memorizing the alphabet.

Scientists suggest that we could find the oldest entry of the alphabet — the ancestor of Latin and Cyrillic characters. Records on the piece of pottery 3400 years.

A team of archaeologists from Cambridge research project Theban tombs have discovered a 3400-year-old piece of pottery from Ancient Egypt in the tomb of ancient Egyptian official of Sennefer. It is scientists discovered a mnemonic phrase for memorizing the alphabet of three words beginning with the first letters. This article, published in the Bulletin of the American schools of Oriental studies, wrote to Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern studies from the University of British Columbia Thomas Schneider, reports Live Science.

“The discovery is the earliest historical testimony reflecting our alphabetical order,” wrote Schneider in an email to the publication.

He said that before this discovery was considered the most ancient specimen of alphabetical order, which was approximately 3200 years old.

Modern Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet evolved from Phoenician writing. This letter was used by the civilization that flourished 2300 — 3500 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Phoenician language belonged to the Semitic language, originated in the middle East. However, monuments of the Semitic alphabet, which would be 3400 years or more, is not enough.

For this reason, senior lecturer in Egyptology, Leiden University Ben Haring, though welcomed the studies of Schneider, but said that in no hurry with the conclusions that these writings — a monument to the predecessor of our alphabet. According to Haring, texts 3400 years ago in the Semitic languages is extremely small, so to understand them, scientists have had to use the later texts. This can cause inaccuracies because in earlier times the same words could have another meaning.


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