In Egypt, between the popular resorts will pave the fast lane


В Египте между популярными курортами проложат скоростную трассуThe red sea will be closer to the capital.

The Egyptian authorities have found a solution how to make the Red sea closer to the capital and restore the flow of tourists in Egyptian resort Sharm El-Sheikh. They are the new high-speed road, which connects it with Cairo. According to local media reports, while this area has failed to reach the previous demand, as tourists prefer a more safe Hurghada.

Speed track with a length of 450 miles will consist of three lanes. It is constructed in the framework of the national project and should be open by the end of 2019. According to experts, the new road will be introduced high-speed mode, which will allow you to get from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh for 4 hours. Along the track will also appear on the station car maintenance, gas stations, emergency centres, cafes, toilets and other roadside infrastructure.

At the moment the road from Cairo to Sharm takes about 6 hours. If you add the time to collect tourists after clearing customs, exit the airport and sanitary stop, the transfer of tourists to the resort increased to 8 hours. Such duration makes the transfer very problematic for many travelers.


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