In Egypt, archeologists discovered the tombs of the pharaohs


В Египте археологи открыли гробницы фараоновScientists took the risk.

Egypt has discovered two tombs of the Pharaonic dynasty Thutmosid created in the era of the Ancient Kingdom 3.5 thousand years ago. Found them on the banks of the Nile at the modern village of Luxor.

Information about this informed the head of the Department of antiquities, Khaled al-Anani. According to experts, the tomb belongs to the reign of Tutmoses. It was found tablets with hieroglyphics that scientists are going to soon read. The tomb consists of two wells. One buried the woman, the representative of the then elite. On the basis of secondary signs, she was the mother of a senior official.

The second tomb has interested scholars more than the first. On its walls discovered frescoes, which depict human sacrifice. They remained in excellent condition despite the age.

Archaeologists can not yet answer the question of who owned the tomb, they don’t even know the date of its creation. Scientists need to do a lot of work in order to obtain the necessary information about the findings.


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