In Egypt archaeologists have discovered an ancient tomb


В Египте археологи обнаружили древнейшую усыпальницуThis burial more than two thousand years.

In Egypt, archaeologists discovered the grave of a jeweler, which was the mummy of a woman and her two children, said local authorities.

The tomb, which is part of the New Kingdom, dated XVI-XI centuries BC, found near the town of Nile in Luxor, 700 km South of Cairo.
Among the items found in the tomb was a statue of a jeweler Amenemhat that sits beside his wife.

It is unclear, all three mummies found associated with Amenemhat.
According to archaeologists, the mother died at the age of about 50 years, studies have shown that it was a bacterial osteopathy. The bodies of her two sons – 20 and 30 years – well preserved.

Authorities believe that the tomb of Amenemhat, who was a jeweler of the God Amon, the most powerful deity of this period may lead to further discoveries in the necropolis of Draa Abul Naga, a place which is known for its temples and cemeteries.

According to the Minister responsible for antiquities, Khaled Anani in the tomb found the tomb, funerary masks, jewelry and statue.

He added that archaeologists have found four new name, probably they were the owners of the tomb.


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