In Dubai a British tourist was fined 50 thousand dollars


В Дубае британского туриста оштрафовали на 50 тыс долларовBriton in Dubai was fined 48 thousand dollars for a three hour drive in a rented Lamborghini.

July 30, the man took the Lamborghini Huracan rental for two days, paying him over a thousand dollars.

For the first few hours that the tourist was rolling on the UAE capital, he exceeded the speed of 33 times. In the city the driver was speeding up to 240 kilometers per hour.

The car rental company penalties began to come the next day. It is reported that the man had already paid 19 thousand dollars.

The remaining amount he should pay to pick up an impounded car.

The offender will be able to leave the country without paying fines. In this case, the costs will fall on the rolling office. In the future, firm in court may recover damages from the British.


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