In Denmark found body parts of the Swedish journalist


В Дании нашли части тела шведской журналисткиJournalist sailed with the designer of the Nautilus submarine and disappeared.

The Danish police found body parts of the Swedish journalist Kim vallée, which set sail on the world’s largest private submarine with the designer Peter Madsen, said on Saturday, 7 October.

“Danish police say divers found the head, legs and clothing of the Swedish journalist, who was murdered after a trip with the inventor on his submarine,” – said in the message.

Examination of the remains found that these body parts belonged to her. To the body it was attached to the metal, probably with the intention that the remains went to the bottom.

Suspect Peter Madsen, have been remanded in custody, said Valle died after accidentally hitting a heavy hatch on a submarine. However, the police reported that the body was discovered 15 injuries. The woman’s hand is still missing.
The cause of death of the journalist is not yet established.

As reported in Denmark, brought to the surface the world’s largest private submarine Nautilus sank South of Copenhagen on August 11.


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