In damage to the plane Merkel found the criminal trail


В поломке самолета Меркель нашли криминальный следThe liner had to land urgently.

The German government does not exclude that the failure of an airliner by German Chancellor Angela Merkel is of a criminal nature. This was reported by the newspaper Rheinische Post, citing sources in the German security authorities.

According to the newspaper, the incident will initially be regarded as “criminal”, but, as noted in the security organs, the investigation will be “across the Board”.

Focuses on the fact that such damage is unprecedented. Despite the fact that the plane was not far from Amsterdam, the plane had to fly to the airport Cologne due to the fact that the landing strip for the airport in Amsterdam was long enough. In addition, there were concerns that the mechanism of the landing gear of government aircraft may not work.

We will remind, the governmental delegation of Germany, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, were not able to arrive to Argentina at the G20 summit. During the flight of the liner having serious problems that could lead to disaster and the crew decided to return.


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