In Croatia swept a devastating hurricane


В Хорватии пронесся сокрушительный ураганAt the seaside on the shore were lashed unprecedented wave.

In Croatia a natural disaster. A devastating hurricane named “Theodore” swept over Croatia with wind speed 220-248 km/h. On the slopes of overturned cars, with roots pulled out trees, tore roofs were lifted in the air people.

In the cities of the twisting pillars with the lights and ripping off the roof.

More than twenty people with injuries are in hospitals, and 46-year-old man was killed by a broken tree.

On country roads restricted movement and warned of the danger of a landslide. In Zagreb, who are not accustomed to such strong winds, firefighters reported about 240 calls that they went from Sunday night.

“We have not seen such a storm in the past 45 years”, – said the mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic.


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