In Crimea, discovered a mass grave of people without heads


В Крыму обнаружили массовое захоронение людей без головAbout 70 people were executed and dumped in two ditches.

In the Crimea, near Bakhchisaray archaeological expedition discovered in the construction zone of the highway Tauris mass burial of people without heads, presumably Dating back to the X-XII centuries. This was announced by the head of the expedition, leading researcher of the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Grandchildren.

According to him, with such a find archaeologists are rare.

“It was found two ditches, slaughtered bones… are the victims of mass executions. Only two ditches are the remains of over 70 people. They are all, without skulls, there are traces of cuts. Still there have been found two arrows… This is clearly a mass execution of prisoners,” – said Grandchildren.

Scientist noted that, judging by the arrows, the event occurred in X-XII centuries. “Maybe this is a later (burial – ed.). We will clarify the date,” he added.

Grandchildren also admitted that the burial might be related to the appearance in the Crimea of the Tatars. “The bodies were dumped chaotically. The picture is quite unusual,” he said.


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