In Chisinau protesters scuffled with police, there are victims


В Кишиневе митингующие подрались с полицией, есть пострадавшиеA rally against the government in Chisinau escalated into clashes with police.

During the protests in Chisinau, participants of anti-government rally to lay siege to the Parliament and government, and tried to enter the house where the oligarch Vlad plahotniuc.

During the storm the house where Vlad plahotniuc, there were clashes between demonstrators and police. Police used the gas cans and batons. Several people were injured, including police.

Later, the protesters reached the office of a businessman Plahotniuc, protected by several rows of law enforcement officers and covered participants of the protest wagon and several buses. Despite the fact that the leader of the party “Platform Dignity and truth” Andrei Nastase has offered the protesters to leave the building, arguing that the oligarch there still there, the protesters continue to block office, chanting “Down with Plahotniuc” and “We are the people!”.

Recall that in the city before the building of the government runs many-thousand action of protest against the current authorities of Moldova.

According to preliminary data of the organizers, the protests involved tens of thousands of people. Official data on the number of participants in the protests are not yet available.

On the eve of the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moldova stated that “for the protection of public order in the capital will be used considerable force of militiamen.

The interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan urged the participants of the rally to act within the law on rallies and meetings and not to succumb to provocations, warning that among the demonstrators can be provocateurs.


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