In China there was a ban on walking naked torso


Government of Jinan, the administrative centre of Shandong province (Eastern China) issued a warning that, despite the hot weather, citizens should observe in the streets the rules of decency.

According to the newspaper China Daily, the municipal organ for the maintenance of ethical standards in the society issued a special circular governing the appearance of citizens in public places such as parks, gardens, various attractions and public transport, according to the with reference to the UNN.

In particular, citizens are forbidden to appear in public bare-chested or barefoot. They are also urged not to swim, not to make bathing and not washing clothes in fountains, lakes and ponds in the city.

Local media, under the jurisdiction of the city administration proposed to allocate specific sections, pages or stories to tell on violators. Photos or videos with half-naked citizens from now on will appear regularly on the pages of city Newspapers and municipal television. The worst offenders will also be fined.

As stated by the head Tinanicole of the construction Committee of the high urban culture of fan Lijing, these rules came into force from June 28. But not only Jinan is trying to raise the cultural level of its inhabitants. Similar bans are imposed in the summer and in a big city direct subordination of Tianjin, where the appearance in public of persons of both sexes “Topless” decided to issue a fine in the amount from 50 to 200 yuan (7-29 dollars).

At the same time, the authorities of Chinese cities were forced to recognize that to appear on the street without a shirt — a widespread manner, which adhere to, primarily, the older and middle-aged. Usually half-dressed citizens take to the streets like this in the evening. Women still adhere to a certain dress code, appearing in pajamas or short dresses.

The topic is widely discussed in social networks. Most users say that in Chinese society there are some “taboo”. For example, it is strictly forbidden pornography, illegal gambling. But in fact, can be considered an insult to public morality view of pedicabs no shirt, no consensus.


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