In China, Tesla Model S “independently” flew into the river


В Китае Tesla Model S "самостоятельно" слетела в рекуThe owner claims that the sedan clocked independently.

The owner of a Tesla Model S in China claims that its electric sedan clocked independently and fell into the river in Shanghai.

Xiao Chen told local Chinese media that when he approached the building, the car accelerated and he could not cope with the management. Tesla crashed into a fence, and then fell right into the river. Saved by the fact that the river was not too deep. Due to this and the driver and passenger remained unharmed.

Statements about the unintended acceleration from different models, Tesla has done in the past. Actually already fixed quite a lot of faults associated with the car manufacturer. Also have been known cases of fatalities when the vehicle after the collision caught fire, and the system locked door handle and the man couldn’t get out of the car.

Unlike other automakers, the company carefully studies all cases. Each car Tesla has on-Board systems, which you can set whether unintended acceleration or not. Footage from the scene show that the electric sedan pulled out of the river, but it is not clear what “injury” he received the car and whether it recovery. In any case, the repair to the owner will be very expensive.

But often drivers confuse the gas and brake pedals, so this story will need to understand.


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