In China recorded the use of banned chemical compounds


В Китае зафиксировали использование запрещенных химических соединений These substances destroy the ozone layer of the planet.

In China, experts from the environmental investigation Agency found evidence of the use in industry of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC-11) — compounds that Deplete the ozone envelope of our planet.

All the leading Nations of the world signed the agreement on the cessation of use of these compounds.

Chlorofluorocarbons were previously used to generate aerosols and hadogenes, however, published in 1989. The Montreal Protocol has completely restricted the use of these substances. The problem is that CFCs under the influence of sunlight decompose some compounds, for example, atomic chlorine, which negatively affects the ozone layer.

This spring, scientific American raised the issue of increasing the concentration of CFC-11. Experts then suggested that the source of the contamination is located in East Asia. Version eventually confirmed.

If further investigation shows that China widely uses the connection, there is a risk of destruction of the ozone layer. People, animals and plants will begin to die in mass because of detrimental UV rays.


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