In China recorded 40 degrees of frost


В Китае зафиксировали 40 градусов морозаSuffering local agriculture, transport and logistics

In the Northern city of China – Mohe – air temperature has fallen to -41,1 degrees Celsius. In this regard, the meteorological station of Heilongjiang province continued its orange alert for extreme cold throughout the province, reports Xinhua.

A cold front has covered the province on 3 December, therefore the provincial meteorological service has upgraded the warning level from blue to orange.

By Tuesday night the temperature in most areas of the province dropped 12 degrees to -20 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the average temperature in the Northern parts of Great Khingan plummeted to -35 degrees.

In Harbin, the administrative centre of the province, the minimum temperature reached 20 degrees Celsius.

According to the forecast of meteorologists, the cold weather in the province will be held prior to December 7, which may negative impact on local agriculture, transport and logistics.


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