In China pregnant filed the soup rat


В Китае беременной подали суп с крысойThe incident occurred in a popular restaurant chain.

In China, the popular restaurant chain “Shabu Shabu” there was an unpleasant case: a visitor to one of the institutions found in my soup a dead rat.

The incident occurred in the city of Weifang in Shandong province. A pregnant woman came to the restaurant with my family. She ordered the soup, ate a few spoonfuls and only then discovered that the plate is a rat.

The woman’s husband told reporters that the restaurant asked them to pay compensation of 5 million yuan ($729). The family refused the money, while the woman will not pass the medical examination.

Husband argues that one of the restaurant staff offered 20 million yuan for an abortion for his wife, if she is so worried about their child.

Pictures of dead rats in the soup spread quickly on Chinese social network Weibo, and caused a wave of indignation. The restaurant where the incident occurred, is temporarily closed, the government promised to conduct a thorough inspection of the institution.

Meanwhile, this news network “Shabu Shabu” struck and lost $ 190 million.


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