In China found the mysterious hieroglyphs of an ancient civilization


В Китае нашли загадочные иероглифы древней цивилизации Their age is 4000 years.

Chinese scientists were able to detect the most ancient form of hieroglyphics. According to scientists at the National Museum of China, the inscriptions were seen by archaeologists in ceramic bowls found during excavations. These inscriptions are fragments of several characters caused by ink with a brush made of wool.

According to the preliminary version, these writings associated with ancient sacrificial rites. A fragment of a dish found in the ruins of an ancient settlement in the district of Chifeng. This settlement existed in the period 2200-1600 years BC. Prior to this the earliest examples of hieroglyphs was the writing on the shells and bones of turtles.

The earliest of these scholars have dated 1400 BC, when the territory of modern China was ruled by the monarchs of the Shang dynasty.


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