In China found a sunken ship with thousands of relics


В Китае нашли затонувшее судно с тысячами реликвийThe number of relics can be up to 160 thousand units.

Chinese archaeologists found 143 thousand relics on the ancient Chinese trading ship named “Nanhai-1” sank in the waters of the South China sea about 800 years ago.

A comprehensive archaeological survey of the “Nanhai-1” during the song dynasty (960-1279 gg.), which lasted for many years, coming to an end. Currently, archaeologists dismantled goods in the last few cabins at the rear of the ship.

Presumably, the total number of relics can be up to 160 thousand units. Among the various valuable cultural monuments found on the ship – porcelain, gold, silver, copper and iron products, as well as copper coins. Also was discovered bamboo and wood lacquerware and the preserved remains of plants and animals.

The fragment length of the hull is 22.1 meters and a width of 9.35 metres. Archaeologists consider it one of the largest and most well-preserved ocean-going merchant ships of the song dynasty discovered so far.

The ship was brought to the surface in 2007, after which he was taken to the Guangdong Maritime silk road Museum in Yangjiang, where it is stored in the sea water and the sand in its original condition, as it has been for hundreds of years on the seabed.

It is reported that after the completion of the search for relics on the ship, the archaeologists will study the main body of the vessel.


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