In China died of a rare turtle


В Китае умерла редчайшая черепаха In the zoo of the Chinese city of Suzhou died last female of the rarest turtles in the world, the giant soft-shelled turtles, Swingo (Rafetus swinhoei).

According to the newspaper, the day before the death of the turtle, which was already more than 90 years, scientists tried artificial insemination, but the procedure was unsuccessful. The female took samples of ovarian tissue for study. Preliminary examination showed that the turtle was no obvious health problems. Meanwhile, local authorities plan to conduct an autopsy in the presence of an international group of scientists, in order to clarify the cause of death of the animal.

It is worth noting, therefore in the world there are only three turtles of this species. In the Suzhou zoo has another male of this species. In addition, two turtles live in the wild in Vietnam, but their gender is not installed.

We will remind, the birthplace of giant soft-shelled turtle, Swingo (Rafetus swinhoei) is the China and Vietnam. They met in the Yangtze river and lake Taihu. The size of the shell the animals reached 1 meter in length and 70 cm in width, while they could weigh 100 kg.

We emphasize that the international Union for conservation of nature considers turtles, Swingo to species on the verge of extinction.


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