In China created a concept crossover in honor of van Gogh


В Китае создали концептуальный кроссовер в честь Ван Гога This is the second car created in honor of the artist — previously, the company released Citroen model Picasso.

Chinese startups to share with Changjiang Automobile has created a new crossover Vincent Van Gogh. For its construction they voznovich the great Dutch artist. It is noted that the color palette for the exterior and interior was inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh.

It is noted that the novelty still has the status of a concept. The interior is designed for 4 people and decorated in the style of the home interior. Front panel and even the steering wheel is trimmed with felt and quilted chairs with big armrests — white skin. Display media system that looks suspiciously like a regular iPad, mounted on a simple bracket, but the most alien looks like a projection screen mounted in front of the driver.

Vincent Van Gogh is driven by an electric motor with a power of 218 HP To 100 km/h and it accelerates for 8 seconds, and top speed is 160 km/h. it is Noted that the model has an impressive power reserve as much as 520 km.

Production of the crossover name van Gogh will be launched at the facilities of the company Changjiang Automobile, the start of production is planned for 2019. Estimated price model at least 30 thousand dollars. And in the future plans to have 2 SUV (smaller one and a bigger first child) and sports Dogdore.

В Китае создали концептуальный кроссовер в честь Ван Гога


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