In California declared a state of emergency


В Калифорнии ввели чрезвычайное положение In the US, forest fires have destroyed 1,500 buildings and claimed the lives of 10 people

At least 10 people were killed in forest fires in California, covering one of the most famous wine-producing regions of the United States. A state of emergency had previously been imposed in the counties of NAPA, SONOMA, and Yuba. About 20 thousand residents have left the danger area.

It is noted that the fire raging in the vicinity of NAPA valley – the center of the production of California wines.

According to the authorities, this was the biggest fire in the region’s history. About 1,500 buildings in the area were destroyed by fire.

Southern California wildfires erupt quite often, but upstate they occur less frequently.

“The fire has destroyed many buildings and threatening to destroy thousands of houses, it was necessary to evacuate thousands of residents”, – said the Governor of California Jerry brown, announcing the introduction of a state of emergency.

According to meteorologists, the odds that weather in the coming days will change very little.

The circumstances of the death of seven people in SONOMA County have not been announced yet, but the County Sheriff Rob Giordano says that the number of victims of the fire in the near future can grow.

“A lot of houses burnt, the injured area is quite extensive, so it is logical that the number of victims may grow,” explained Rob Giordano.

Two more people died in NAPA County and one in Mendocino County.

Dozens of workers the night before he was evacuated by helicopter to the vineyards, to which he was approaching the fire.

It is not yet clear what caused the forest fire, which broke out on 8 October. However, it is clear that such a rapid spread of fire contributed to several factors: strong winds, dry air and hot weather.

According to authorities, the wind speed reached 80 km per hour, the fire engulfed an area of 30 thousand hectares.

We will remind, earlier in Zaporozhye liquidated the fire which has arisen on the night of 2 Oct in the hostel. As a result of incident five people were killed and four were injured.

According to rescuers, people were trapped in a fire, as the Windows of the second floor was mounted grates, the victims are unable to get out of the building either through them or through the corridor (because of the strong smoke).


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